Jack McDonald Awarded the Liberty Bell Honor

Congratulations NDBA Counsel & Lobbyist Jack McDonald on being awarded the Liberty Bell Honor last Thursday, June 13th at the Awards Ceremony at the State Bar Association Annual Meeting at the Delta Hotel in Fargo.

Jack was joined by his six children and wife Connie as well as NDBA Representatives Bill Marcil, Forum Communications, Jack Marcil Forum Communications, Nancy Odney, Radio FM Media and Beth Helfrich.

The Liberty Bell Award is presented to an individual who strengthens the effectiveness of the American system of freedom under law through his community service or education efforts. In particular, it is given to an individual whose actions promote an understanding of our form of government, encourage a greater respect for the law and the courts, and stimulate a deeper sense of responsibility on the part of citizens regarding their duties and their right.

Jack you are most deserving of this prestigious honor in every way! ND Broadcasters thank you for your tireless hours and outstanding efforts in fighting for their issues at the State Capitol during the session and daily proceedings.

Congratulations Jack!